Email monetization by Rook Media

Make more money with your domain portfolio by
leveraging demand from hundreds of direct advertisers



Global Inventory

Our monetization solution combines the world's 2 largest ad networks with hundreds of direct advertiser relationships. That ensures 100% coverage while also giving you the revenue upside of cutting out the middleman.



We are 100% mobile compatible, delivering fully responsive ad formats and custom monetization for mobile and tablets. Drive increased engagement with offers targeted specifically for mobile users.

Mitigate Risk

Mitigate your risk

Working together with multiple advertisers helps reduce your dependency on the 2 largest ad networks. Go directly to the source.


Transparent Reporting

Get what you need to make the right decisions.

About Us

Our mission is to always deliver more revenue to our partners
Currently monetizing 147.95 impressions every second
Rook Media is an industry leader in domain monetization. Our platform works to deliver you incremental revenue, above and beyond what you are making with your current parking company. By opening up your domain portfolio to direct advertisers, we increase competition for you high-intent traffic. This in turn leads to higher, more diversified revenue compared to using just Google or Yahoo.

Revenue Increase

Our partners see an average 20% increase on their previous earnings.


Direct Advertisers

Over 650 direct advertisers are bidding on your traffic.


Revenue guarantee

We 100% guarantee that our platform delivers an incremental revenue increase.

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