Bringing together the best of International and US domain monetization to give domainers the best domain parking solution to date.

On April 21st Rook Media acquired the industry leading domain monetization platform DomainSponsor. "With unmatched relationships with the biggest advertising providers in the industry and our own in-house advertising network, TrafficMatch, there has literally never been a better way to monetize domains," says Rook Media CEO Ash Rahimi.

"With the best of US monetization, the best of International monetization and the best of alternative monetization through DomainSponsor's TrafficMatch, domainers finally get a full service solution under one roof. The most experienced team in the industry together with the standard bearer for parking platforms: this is a game changer for our industry, and domainers will begin to reap the dividends from day one," says Rook Media's CEO Ash Rahimi.

How does this affect you as a Rook Media customer?
In short: everything you like about Rook remains the same, and things will get even better. You log in to the same user interface, and your account representative is there as always to answer questions. Over time you can expect an up-kick in the choice of landers, even more sophisticated monetization of your traffic, and a lot of new alternative monetization options. Stay tuned: big things are on the horizon.

Please contact your account representative directly with any questions you might have.

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